2016 – Amidst the many office buildings in the central city of Hamburg, a new highlight was created – The Baltic Haus. The design of the building has a distinctive hanseatic touch: conservative with clear lines and simple, high quality materials.

The lighting design suggested linear lighting to enhance the clear separation of the floors with an emphasis on the rounded corner of the building. The Hamburg building authorities approved this design with one special requirement: The brightness of the lines had to be reduced towards the end of each line.

This gradual reduction of brightness was realised with many separate pieces of LED-lines, each with a length of about 30cm. Every section has its own address in the light control and is programmed separately. The corner of the building received 100% brightness, step by step towards the end, the brightness is reduced. Thus, a discreet but distinctive decline was created on both sides of the building.

Architects: GRS Reimer Architekten / Hans-Ulrich Zöllner Architekten BDB

Planning areas: façade, entrance areas

Pictures: © Günther Fotodesign